MRAF Sir Andrew Humphrey was a cadet on A40 Entry, but finidhed his flying training in the SFTS at Cranwell when war broke out. He became CAS and later CDS but caught pneumonia within three months of taking office and died shortly afterwards.Info
MIAF Arjan Singh was a cadet on S38 Entry, a much loved and respected Cranwellian who returned to the College as Reviewing Officer on three occasions.Info
Sir Douglas Bader was a cadet on S28 entry, graduating in July 1930. His incredible story as a fighter ace who had reviously lost both legs is portrayed in the film Reach for the Sky.Info
Centenarian Gp Capt Bill Wilkinson was born the year the RAF College was opened for training. He joined the RAF as an apprentice in 1934 and attended the E&W School at Cranwell. We commemorated his 100th birthday by sending him a copy of this album signed with good wishes by the College Commandant.Info
This album is a tribute to Lawrence of Arabia who, despite being a full Colonel in the British Army and at his personal request to Lord Trenchard, transferred to the RAF and served as an airman at the College between 1925 and 1926.Info
The cknowledged inventor of the Jet Engine, Sir Frank Whittle was the first Cranwellian to be knighted and was a cadet on S26 Entry. This album summarises his remarkable story of pioneering endeavour.Info
This album is a private collection of photos donated by AVM Bob Hooks, taken when he was RAF Cranwell's OC Eng Wg and frequently stood in for the Commandant to host VIP visitors to the College.Info
This album is an edited version of a commemorative booklet produced by the College during RAF 100 celebrations. It celebrates the lives of nine "Inspired Leaders" - chosen by cadets attending the College at the time - whose paintings hung in the College Dining Room during 2018.Info
Air ace Flt Lt Sam Kinkead was a flying instructor at RAF Cranwell between 1920 and 1924. He was killed in 1928 while attempting to break the world air speed record. This album commemorates him and lists the winners of the Kinkead Trophy, awarded to the cadet of each entry who was first in the final order of merit for flying skills. Info
This album is a personal tribute to Lord Trenchard, whose commitent to the RAF and the College during the formative years of the 1920s and 30s was unstinting. The album was edited to provide an album to commemorate the unveiling of the Trenchard Memorial statue as part of College 100 celebrations.Info
Photos and biographies of the Commandants of the RAF College from its inception to the present dayInfo
The album is a tribute to one of the College\s ginest WOs and lists the SNCO winners of the award made in his memory.Info
In this album, we have collated the articles contined in the College Journals that record the first impressions of cadets over the years.Info
Air Cdre RHD Singh was a cadet on S33 Entry, one of several Indian pioneers who went on to form the foundation of the (Royal) Indian Air Force.Info


This album contains the biographies of 36 VVIPs whose paintings are displayed in the College.Info
This album is a tribute to Steward Geordie Gaskill who served as an airman and a civilian at RAF Cranwell York House Mess for over 39 years. His wife Ada also worked at RAF Cranwell and supported many of the families' activities.Info

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