The Oldest Military Air Academy in the World


Conceived by Lord Hugh Trenchard, the RAF College was formed on 1 November 1919 and commenced training on 5 February 1920.

Primarily to mark the College's 100th anniversary in 2020, the CHS was set up to pay tribute to the RAF College's heritage, inviting you to explore and enjoy the unrivalled achievements of College alumni. Although the majority of this website's content focusses on the College alumni of those first 100 years, we have subsequently added records of more recent alumni, hoping that one day they would wish to promote their achievments and contribute to our records and tributes. Please feel free to feedback comments or contributions to Ian at:


July Features

Cranwellian Historical Society

RESPECT INCLUDING SELF-RESPECT, MUTUAL RESPECT, HUMILITY AND INCLUSION. A symbol of our respect is chimed by the RAF College Bells on the hour, three times every day: Midnight, 0600, 1800 (Summer time) and 1600 (Winter time). Seldom heard unless you live in Cranwell or are employed at the College, the College Bells strike 'The Retreat' in commemoration of Cranwellians lost during WWII. Personnel in earshot are required to stand to attention whilst the bells complete this salute. RESPECT. Click on the Graphic.Info
INTEGRITY INCLUDNG MORAL COURAGE, JUSTICE AND HONESTY. The integrity of every Cranwellian is underscored by honesty and strong moral principles that engender trust and enable the RAF to operate effectively. Click on the graphic below for a summary of College throughput between 1920 and 2019, nearly 30,000 Cranwellians with INTEGRITY. Info
SERVICE INCLUDING PHYSICAL & MENTAL COURAGE, COMMITMENT, LOYALTY AND TEAMWORK. Service is the ultimate act of unselfish commitment, and military life is one of selfless service to the Crown and the Nation. Never more so is such selfless commitment demonstrated by the ultimate sacrifice made by brave service personnel in combat, or when training for combat. Click on the graphic for a summary of Cranwellian losses in Service between 1920 and 2019. SERVICE.Info
EXCELLENCE INCLUDING PERSONAL EXCELLENCE, DISCIPLINE AND PRIDE. Cranwellians have much of which to be justifiably proud. A measure of excellence (and Respect, Integrity and Service) achieved by Cranwellians is exemplified by the Decorations and Honours received in combat and/or a lifetime of service commitment. Click on the graphic to see a summary of such awards bestowed on Cranwellians for their commitment and dedication.Info