During our research of College History (1920-2019), we have benefitted from the tireless research of others, no fewer than 135 online data sources, several reference manuals and contributions from individuals all over the world. To them, we offer our sincere thanks for helping us to better understand and to verify our own findings.

Acknowledging their seemingly unstinting work, we include below a Data Source Register that lists, and provides embedded links to, the 'Home Pages' of websites we have consulted; elsewhere on this site and in the relevant CHS document, we acknowledge the relevant data source with a link to the specific item we have analysed. Additionally, we offer links to other related sites, which we believe you will find helpful.

Click on the graphics below to access the Data Source Register and other websites. They will open in a separate bowser tab.

CHS Bibliography & Archice Catalogue
The History of RAF Cranwell
by EB Haslam
Rather than taking the RAF College's archived records at face value, we have endeavoured to verify their contents with other publicly available material. This album lists the reference source documents we have used and, in many instances, directs the reader to where copies may be obtained.Info
During the compilation of our LookUp Tables, we have researched some 135 online websites containing data of relevance to our research on Cranwellian Alumni. With our sincere thanks for their dedicated research, we list their Home Pages for your reference.Info
This album is an edited version of the catalogue we created on the contents of the RAF College's archive. It was accurate at the time of composition (September 2018), but we are aware that the archive has since been relocated and items may have been removed.Info
First published in 1982 as the official history of the RAF College, a FlipBooks version of this 'gem' was created by Cranwellian Mike Smith to whom we give our thanks. Click on the graphic.Info
Data Sources