Dambusters Raid
16/17 May 1943
VE Day
8 May 1945
First Jet Flight
15 May 1941

Britain's Jet Plane

United News


Cranwellian Crowned 6 May 2023
A video clip (with audio BUT TURN IT UP) posted on FaceBook by RAF Marham on 17 May 2019, commemorating the Dambusters' sucessful mission 77 years earlier.Info
A short booklet depicting Whittle's development of the Jet Engine and its inaugural flight in E28/39 at RAF Cranwell on 15 May 1941. The audio clip icon at the foot of the booklet reveals a recording of his explaining his pioneer work on jet propulsion.Info
A short newsreel clip depicting Whittle's development of the Jet Engine Info
Click on this grahic to reveal an album commemorating the contribution of two Cranwellian pilots to the Dambuster's mission. Gibson recorded that Hoppy Hopgood was the best pilot he ever flew with. Hoppy attacked the Mohne Dam, injured and having lost one engine to flak en route. Dave Shannon was the youngest pilot and was awarded the DSO for his part in the raid.Info
An animated version of the Dambusters Raid, this account plots the paths of each of the 19 Lancasters, including those piloted by Cranweliians Hopgood and Shannon.Info
Courtesy of Brooklands Museum Members Talks, we reproduce here a lecture of Operation CHASTISE and Barnes Wallis' development of the UPKEEP bouncing bomb.Info
A short booklet Commemorating the Cranwellians who won bravery awards during WWII, as far as we can determine.Info
A unique booklet of Sir Frank Whittle photos at work and at home with his family. The audio icon at the foot of the booklet reveals clips of the Whittle Memorial service with tributes from his son, Ian, and former CAS Sir Mike Graydon.Info
A short booklet depicting all the aircraft types that Whittle is supposed to have flown during his career.Info
Courtesy of Quantafilms.com, we are proud to present a licensed copy of the BBC documentary of Sir Frank Whittle OM, discussing his RAF career and development of the jet engine. It includes video 'reconstructions' of his work testing the engine before its inaugural flight at Cranwell on 15 May 1941.Info