Commemorating the Cranwellian Contribution to the
This album gives a brief account of the Falklands War which started, although was never officially declared, on 2 April 1982. We have focused on three main aspects to which Cranwellians made a valuable contribution: the Harrier Force; the 'Black Buck' missions; the other air support operations.Info
External Contributions Kindly Shared with the CHS
Centenarian Gp Capt Bill Wilkinson was born the year the RAF College was opened for training. He joined the RAF as an apprentice in 1934 and attended the E&W School at Cranwell. We commemorated his 100th birthday by sending him a copy of this album signed with good wishes by the College Commandant.Info
CONTENT DONATED BY ADA GASKILL. This album is a tribute to Mess Steward Geordie Gaskill who served as an airman and a civilian at RAF Cranwell York House Mess for over 39 years. His wife Ada also worked at RAF Cranwell and supported many of the families' activities.Info
A Smithsonian Channel account of te Falklands Fighter Ops.Info
Reflections of the Black Buck ops from pilot Martin Withers and navigator Andy Marsons, courtesy of the Electric Egg organisation.Info
Although each album was created by the CHS, the content was donated by individuals to whom, in this monthly feature, we should like to extend our sincere thanks and good wishes.Info
CONTENT DONATED BY AVM BOB HOOKS. This album is a private collection of photos donated by AVM Bob Hooks, taken when he was RAF Cranwell's OC Eng Wg and frequently stood in for the Commandant to host VIP visitors to the College.Info
CONTENT DONATED BY OLD LERPOOLIAN EDWARD VICKERS. This album is a tribute to one of the CHS Founder's favourite schoolmasters at Liverpool College, Wg Cdr Jack Griffiths DFC* MA RAFVR (T). The research was conducted by fellow alumnus, EG 'Eddie' Vickers and edited by the CHS founder. Like many of his generation, Jack Griffiths spoke little of his WWII experiece as a very able PFF navigator/illuminator, but we feel it is a story worth telling here. JG attended a CO's course at RAFC after the war and "sort of qualifies" as a cranwellian.Info
CONTENT DONATED BY PAUL ALLONBY. This album is a tribute to a former College CFI, Sqn Ldr GH Martingell, who was killed in an air crash whilst serving at the College. The content was kindly donated by professional researcher and writer, Paul Allonby, in the first instance to the Cranwellian Association in 2023.Info
CONTENT DONATED BY CRANWELLIAN PETER SYMES. The album is a tribute to one of the College's finest WOs and lists the SNCO winners of the award made in his memory.Info