Special Features

Our “Training Assets” Section contains a series of albums that address features that are part of the College training fabric, such as CHOM, the Lodge, the Hangar Church, silver trophies and prizes awarded at the College and the training aircraft at Cranwell through the ages.

We have captured, best we can, all the squadron intake, sports, graduation and prize winner photos from 1920 to 2020, currently displayed in the College. Owing to reflections and the location of some displayed photos, our reproductions are of poor quality; they will be replaced in time as we receive better quality alternatives, so if you have any please feel free to offer us copies. Albums are assembled by decade.

We have created albums on Cranwellians who have contributed in their own way to the heritage of the College. Some went on to win gallantry awards and/or honours for their achievements in service of our country. The albums collate some memorabilia of varying quality held within the College archive.

Our “Special Features” section contains a series of albums that cover a diverse range of topics associated with the College, including training statistics, medal winners and College prizes. Each album is unique. In time, they will be updated as we receive more accurate data than currently held in the College archive.

We have scanned and reproduced main articles and events that were printed in the College Journal between 1920 and 1987; the remainder till the last issue in 2016 are still being scanned and will be uploaded progressively during the next few weeks. In a separate suite of albums, we have collated 100 main themes from these Journals to form 'College 100 Memories'.

We are putting together presentations , videos and VR items of interest, including Guided Tours Presentations of the College (with separate video clips) and old newsreels. They will be cycled through on a rotational basis as the site evolves. Look out for new features throughout the year.

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